Children as an agent of change in the society

We live in a society where Children play vital roles in the family. A child comes back from school with so many new ideas and questions he wishes to share with his family. It could be that the teacher said something he/she felt was contrary to what his parent had always told him while growing up so he goes back home and challenges his parent to seek for which is true and which is false.

The family is the smallest unit in the society and the child is the smallest unit/individual in the family, looking at this notion from one side the child is a vulnerable individual in the society and also from another view a child holds a very strong position in the society because he is been studied and listened to by the elders of the family and society at large. A child should be brought up with love, care and tolerance because he/she is like a seed however way he is treated while growing up is how the seed is been treated and watered while it is growing so when the child grows up in love tolerance respect and care he reciprocates this act to the society and if he grows up in hate and agony he becomes a menace  to the society.

Children should be treated with respect because they are the future of our society. We can change our society by changing the way we see and relate with our children. DO NOT FORGET CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU!!


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